Warehouse 508

 About Us

     New Mexico Sports and Warehouse 508 provide a youth-focused, youth-driven avenue to introduce, develop and professionally implement skills in the arts, music, outdoor recreation and non-traditional sports. Through mentorships and lifestyle events youth are invited to explore their potential and encouraged to create opportunities for themselves, take risks and begin thinking and acting as creative entrepreneurs. 

     Warehouse 508 and NMX provide a wide range of programs and events geared toward and designed by youth in New Mexico. Working out of a 26,000 sq. ft. warehouse space located in Downtown Albuquerque, NMX and 508 provide safe, structured and affordable ways for youth to participate and engage in the arts and extreme sports.

     The Youth Creative Crew consists of youth ages 14-21 making the organization truly for youth, by youth. Working with staff and instructors, the Youth Creative Crew implements projects from concept to completion including concerts, poetry slams and a wide range of workshops and events.

     NMX's iGO program encourages youth to engage in community service while earning credits applicable to NMX and 508 trips, workshops, classes and programs. NMX takes outdoor recreation excursions, hosts youth-focused competitions and sponsored learn-to programs nearly every weekend, year-round.